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Master Distributor of Prevail™ Disinfectant and Cleaner for the Canadian Agricultural Sector.



It started with a vision.


With over 30 years of experience in the agricultural field, President and Founder Mark Beaven launched EthoGuard in late 2020. His vision was to develop a comprehensive biosecurity company that provided not just certain products but a whole host of solutions designed to improve the biosecurity at agricultural operations across Canada. Utilizing his experience and knowledge he built the foundation of a product line that provide the best possible protection when it comes to infection control in agriculture.

In the spring of 2022, EthoGuard was named the Master Distributor for Prevail Disinfectant/Cleaner. In addition, Mark was able to source a durable equipment line that assist producers in cleaning and
disinfection applications. He also has sourced a complete line of PPE that producers need at their facilities.

Then surrounding himself with a team of industry experts, EthoGuard was able to include a wide range of services all geared towards assisting the ag industry in reducing the many risks that the sector faces on a daily basis. From training programs and site specific plans and assessments to developing an Emergency Response capability, the team at EthoGuard is there to help.

Lastly acquiring a world class facility as it’s Biosecurity and Research Centre, EthoGuard can offer its’ clients access to the most up to date information, research and technology.

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