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EthoGuard and NeuraViolet Introduce Revolutionary Ultraviolet Technology into the Ag Sector

Updated: Mar 1

At the 2024 National Poultry Show, EthoGuard Inc., a leader in providing biosecurity solutions to the agricultural and agri-food industries, announced partnering with NeuraViolet Inc. for the introduction of their revolutionary Ultraviolet Technology called the “NiV222” (pronounced “niv two two two”).

Utilizing stereoscopic cameras and artificial intelligence, the NiV222 is a wall mounted robot that identifies regions, particularly volumes of air, that potentially harbour germs. Using NeuraViolet’s proprietary beam technology, the NiV222 projects a safe 222 nm UV “spotlight” through the areas of concern. Ultraviolet Light at 222 nm has been proven to be effective at ridding the air of germs and is benign for humans in the unlikely event of unintended exposure. The NiV222 is designed to drastically reduce the presence of or eliminate pathogens in the air at significant distances away from the device and is particularly applicable to rooms with poor air circulation. 

"We have been working with the NeuraViolet team for a year now, educating them about the real-life disease challenges we have in agriculture”, states Mark Beaven, President of EthoGuard. Producers and food processors are constantly under threat of the introduction of viruses and bacteria. The NiV222 promises to be a very important tool to greater protect the industry from these destructive pathogens.”

“NeuraViolet originally developed the technology for the healthcare, educational and institutional sectors”, says Dr. Joe Barfett, CEO of NeuraViolet Inc. “After working with EthoGuard and realizing the very important need for the NiV222 technology in agriculture, we were excited to work together. We are more than happy to play a role in ensuring the health of our food supply.”


Beaven sees a number of use cases for the NiV222 in the ag and agri-food industry. 

How Does it Work?


Using two stereoscopic cameras, the NiV222 continually scans the room and gathers data. The data is processed by the device using Artificial Intelligence to recognize areas in the air volume of high risk for transmission of pathogens. The device then directs the robotic lenses to “shoot” or focus 222 nm light to those volumes for sterilization. The NiV222’s Lensing System can extend the UV light at sufficient intensity to be considered effective in seconds against pathogens to distances of up to 15 meters.

“With the recent onslaught of Avian Influenza across North America, we see the NiV222 in playing an important role in preventing the spread of this devastating virus. For example, we will be working with poultry producers and hatcheries to better protect their facilities from the virus being introduced. Extend that to the swine and other industries, the need for this technology in agriculture is extensive.” The NiV222 technology received EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) approval in March of 2023. NeuraViolet Inc. is now in the process of seeking regulatory approval in Canada for the technology.

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